Residential Drain Cleaning

  • Taking care of your drains when you need it most
  • Experience cleaning Saskatoon's drain since 2001
  • Assisted more than 3000 Saskatoon homeowners to get their drains back in working order
  • Our clients call us back for regular maintenance and refer us to their friends and family, because they trust our work
  • We can diagnose your drain problems quickly
  • We have video inspection camera equipment that allow us to see what the problem is
  • We work with all  types of drains; toilets, showers, kitchens, floor drains, as well as drains to street
  • We offer preventative maintenance for homes that have root growth issues
  • If your sewer lines are in poor condition, ask us about our sewer re-lining services

Commercial Drain Cleaning

  • We have a growing reputation with our commercial clients, many Saskatoon landlords, and property management agencies.
  • We are known for our problem solving abilities, solving issues other companies have been unable to solve.
  • We have strong relationship with many commercial building owners in the city of Saskatoon and area.
  • Our commercial drain cleaning equipment can tackle tough blockages, like grease and mineral buildup.
  • Our commercial cleaning equipment includes:  

  1. Hydro jetting equipment
  2. CCTV equipment
  3. Powerful cable equipment